lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

ProBASE at Nissan Outdoor Games 2010

On wednesday its on again!!! Off we go to chamonix, france to participate for the 3rd time in a row at the Nissan Outdoor Games, the worlds most prestigious extremsport video event. Mirko and el amarillo will be the BASE jumpers for Team Argon, which is made up of mostly austrians and a few Krauts. The Team consists of 5 or 6 athletes, a camera crew as well as a film editor and loads of equipment plus a photographer. The goal is to make the best 5 min video possible in 5 days including one sequence of each extremsport Paragliding, BASE jumping, Kayaking, Climbing and Mountain biking. Often times all the team members have to help out when shooting someone else´s scene and thats what makes up a great team. Its furthermore great cause you get to work with professionals from all sorts of areas, photographers, camerapeople, directors, editors and every one learns from everyone else. Last year at the winter edition, which we won by the way, (I love being modest!) we all had to act as well, which was sooooo much fun. We all had a small part in the film and it was a huge contribution that made all the difference in the end.
Team Golgoth from Finland is there for the 4th or 5th time, the only team that hasparticipated more then us. there are also the russians from Team Gravity Rebels who were there last summer and a new swedish and french team. Its a great event where you always pump into familiar faces and get together with friends from all over the world. I am looking forward to it and will keep you posted boys and girls, so stay tuuuuuned!!!!!

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