viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Nissan Oudoor Games 2010 day 1 to 3

Arrived in Geneva on wednesday, early afternoon. Had to wait a few hours to be picked up by our Team leader and then cruised over to Chamonix along with Mirko who had flown in from Norway. We arrived in Chamonix to find thaty teh tream had set us up in this amazing apartment complex with all possible comfort, a BIG step up from last year! We met the team, some new faces, many old ones and watched Spain beat Germany in the Semis of the Football World Cup.
After dinner we held the official TEAM meeting the script of our film project was introduced and all the athletes got an idea of what was needed from them in order to make it all come together. We can't of course reveal any details of the project yet, but let me just say that its an absolutely rad idea that will ROCK Chamonix next thursday.
The next day we had an official meeting at the ODG headquarters in Chamonix centre and in the afternoon we could start shooting. Everyone immediatly shot off in different directions to start working, scout locations or check availability of certain spots. Mirko and I hooked up with a local french jumper to check a spot we had in mind and I did a test flight from it. The place rocks and has endless possibilities!!!
Since it was a late jump we returned to our quarters SUPER late and had a well deservbed rest before we attacked the place for real today. The hike was treeacherous in 30 degree heat but the place held what it promised, teh results are stunning. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to change and there might not be any arial activity, but lets enjoy the awesome flight from today and see what happens. Stay tuned for our next update!!!

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