miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

Exhibition Jumps at Paragliding championships

Last saturday was a busy day here in Spain for the BASE jumpers. We first had a film crew following the Spain BASE Team from the ASBA, (spanish BASE Asociation) in order to shoot a documentary on our sport. When that was done we moved down the valley to the campground of a small town called Ager where the national paragliding championships were taking place. It was teh final day and the organizers had hired us to do a few display jumps from an ultralight plane to contribute to the final ceremony. There was 6 of us and that ultralite didn't stop for a minute. We all got a few jumps in and the spectators were amazed, especially a few lo passes in the V3 got them off their feet. I even signed my first autograph as a BASE jumper!! amazing!!
Good times, and this week we're up there again, for the finals of the hanggliders, so watch out for us!!

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