sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

Here we are on saturday, 3 quali rounds have been finished and we are waiting for the winds to calm to do the finals. Yesterday we got one round in late in the eve and this morning had perfect windstill conditions to offer which we took full advantage off. Stig, the man form Kjerag is in the lead, followed closely by Hungarian Miklos Marcos and Vanjia from Croatia. Its gonna be a tight finish tonight! Surprisingly ine of the favorites, Johnny Utah from the States didn't make the finals this time, but he got to do a kick ass fly by of the Hotel in his Wingsuit! Check it out!!

viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

Spain BASE 2010 BASE jump competition!

Only a few test jumps have been possible so far. Winds are still pretty strong and not expected to go down til late at nite. In the few lulls Johnny and the Aussies got another one in before the winds picked up again. We are still hopefull we might get a sunset round in though!!!
Tomorrow things look a bit better, the morning especially should be good to go, so lets hope for the best.

Spain BASE 2010 first day

After all the jumpers arrived yesterday we had a briefing in the evening to introduce the new boys to the object, exit and landing zone. Everyone was chilled but excited at the same time and ready to get the competition going. There was a brief talk about certain changes in the rules but finally head judge Csaba Szorenzy decided to keep things as they were last year.
The big absentee this year is of course Klaus Renz who had to cancel last minute. Although everyone misses him tons, there is a broader array of podium contenders, such as Johnny Utah, Dan the Man, Marco Waltenspiel or Stig Knudsen.
In the morning the winds looked fine but as soon as we were ready to hit the ramp and get off, the winds gut gusty and strong so we had to go on standby right away. After a lucious breakky we had a short lull which the Aussie Twins took advantage of to get a test jump in. At about 2 secs they still got quite a few turbulences and had offheadins towards the left so we went back on standby.
Lets see what the afternoon brings!!!
Stay tuned!!

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

BASE jump Extreme World Championship 2010

From June 11th to 13th 2010 the Hotel Bali in Benidorm, Spain will host the BASE jump extreme World Championship for the 3rd year in a row. The event, created as Spain BASE 08 by BASE jumper "El Amarillo" is going into its third year and attracts many BASE jump stars from around the world. Jumpers such as american Johnny Utah, german Klaus Renz or Gabor Verebes from Hungary get together for a target landing comeptition to crown the best amongst them. Klaus Renz took the win for the last 2 years, so lets see who can push him off the throne in 2010!!
Follow the event here on our exclusiv blog!!!!!

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

Upcomming BASE jump course in July!

The next BASE jump course of the ProBASE Academy will take place from june 29th to july 4th 2010. There is one slot available, so sign up now!
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