viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

Victory at Nissan Outdoor Games 2010

The Outdoor Games is one of the greatest extremsports events of the year and every athlete who participates always comes back with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, joy and satisfaction. In its 6th year it looks like the event is here to stay and to showcase the kinds of sporting activities that usually are not featured in the mass media. The event is also growing, bringing new people, new teams, new contributors and colaborators every year and especially more media coverage and wider exposure of the films produced there.
Our Team this year participated for the 4th time, although there were only 2 people form the original crew left. We ourselves grew every year as well, getting better organized, bringing the right people into the mix both amongst the athletes as well as amongst the crew, cutters, camera operators and support team. Compared to our first participation and our first film, we are lightyears ahead. Location scouting is done a few days before the competition starts, when everyone arrives we got a storyboard and a shot list ready, everyone knows what is needed and what part he has to play. Accomodation is sorted, transport is organized and as soon as shooting starts we can attack with a plan.
There are of course always hold ups or unforeseen obstacles to be overcome. But even then we have learned how to deal with those special situations and adapt as quickly as possible. The team members are flexible and ready to help out where help is needed. The BASE jumpers spent a day this year building a dam in a river to shoot a scene where the water rises rapidly. It was a days work, but it contributed to the end product. The next day almost the entire crew came along to shoot a flyby in a Wingsuit on an inaccesible ledge. A whole day was spent on one little shot, a lot of effort and planning went into it, but what matters is that in the end the product benefitted from it and the film became better because of it.
In any case, it was once again a huge experience, a great time with awesome people, great fun and we also won the main prize!!!!
The golden peak is a prestigious award and we are very proud of it. It shows that we have learned to handle the format of shooting a 5 minute film in only 5 days, produce it, edit it, and finish it almost to perfection!
A big thanks to our producer, Seppi for the great organization, to Bani, our director for the great idea and the vision it required to realise it and to all the rest of the crew and the athletes for their contribution to this amazing event and to our TEAM!!

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