sábado, 19 de junio de 2010

Spain BASE Tour

After 3 days at the Bali Hotel in Benidorm, the spanish BASE jump Tour kicked off on Monday, 14th of June at the Seagul cliff in Calpe. Our group, consisting of 7 jumpers did an early morning jump at this impressiv 300 meter sea cliff before heading off north to the mythical mountains of Riglos. The place is pretty amazing with its red towering conglomerate rocks that reach up 250 meters into the sky. We did a jump the next day, Tuesday in near perfect conditions and then headed east to jump catalonia wall the next morning. Again a perfect day for this wingsuitable cliff!!
A few WS 2 ways later we were tired and worn out so we decided to not go for the 2nd jump in the area and opted for a BBQ at the ProBASE Academy HQ instead.
Vanija proved a fantastic grill man and we an amzing dinner with some of spains best wines which grow right in the area. What an evening!!
The next day would bring the highlight of the trip, a jump from the "Arial Wall" in Montserrat. The morning was a tad windy so we waited til early afternoon by when it had quieted down. The hike is brutal but well worth it and we all got an amazing flight from this great cliff. For some of them it was not only the best jump of the trip but also the best jump in their careers this far!!!
Can´t wait to do it again and c ya all very very soooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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