domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Uli Emanuele wins Spain BASE 2010 competition!

After a great day of jumping, the final round was being held on Saturday evening and it brought a few surprises. Stig Knudsen who was in front through out the 3 quali rounds didn't get a standup landing in the final and thus openend the door for his competitors. Vanja Siljak, the dalmatian imitation, who had also had 3 solid quali jumps, overshot the target in the final and ended up in the pool. Thats when the Italians, observing from the exit point, saw their chance. Uli Emanuele, the last jumper on the ramp, and having improved round after round in qualifying, kept his cool, took a perfect 2 sec delay and hit the target. That was enough to take home the win and crown himself SpainBASE 2010 champion. The podium was completed by consistent performer Miklos Marcos, a 3rd time contender from Hungary as well as surprise man Robert Moschella from Australia. Congrats to the winners and Cya at the next ProBASE competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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