viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

New Exit training tower at ProBASE Academy

The facilities of the ProBASE Academy BASE Jump school have been upgraded with the construction of an 8 meter high exit trainer. This exit simulator tower gives BASE students the opportunity to practice their BASE exits in a completly safe and natural way. Attached to ropes and wearing a regualr parachute harness, BASE jump students can now simulate a perfect BASE exit and the first meters of freefall.
This method has proven to be extremly helpfull and andvances students learning curve much more rapidly then any other exit training. The 1 to 1 simulation of a BASE exit in a safe and contained envirnoment increases students confidence and helps them find the proper exit position, push force and exit angle.
The Exit trainer at the ProBASE Academy will be ready for use for our JANUARY COURSE FROM JAN 26TH TO THE 30TH 2011.

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